My RAF Cosford Air Show Experience

Hello guys! This will be my first blog in English so I am sorry for my grammatical mistakes in advance. In 2017, as a military aviation fan, I decided to go to RAF Cosford Air Base to enjoy military air show. RAF Cosford Air Show was not famous and global as much as RIAT. However, it was a cost-effective activity for me considering the ticket price which was around 20 GBP and my destinations from Liverpool to Cosford. In a nutshell, I can recommend joining the show It would be a nice weekend experience, especially with your family. Check the details from here

My journey firstly started from Liverpool Lime Street Station and then I arrived Wolverhampton which it took about 1 hour 30 minutes. After changing, I arrived the final destination Cosford in 15 minutes. Thereafter, you need to walk about 10 minutes to enter the base from the Cosford station.

In 2017, a lot of famous demo teams from different countries joined the RAF Cosford Air show such as Red Arrows, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Swiss Air Force PC-7 team, and more. However, I would say that some of the solo shows, for instance, P-51 Mustang and Apache were amazing as well.

At the beginning of the RAF Cosford Air show, the weather was perfect for an air show. After that, it becomes much darker and cloudy. While I was hoping to see especially Red Arrows teams shows and Eurofighter Typhoon passage in sunny weather, at this point, the weather started to deteriorate with dark clouds and of course rain! In brief, I highly recommend checking the weather forecast before moving to Cosford because you can experience a shower of rain at any moment. Anyway, let’s see my collection.

My 2017 RAF Cosford Air Show Collection

When I entered the base, I encountered RAF Tornado and Harrier on the ground. Due to the fact that these aircraft were out of active duty in the near time, it was nice to see them on the ground maybe for the last time.

RAF Red Arrows Performance

Lastly, the Red Arrows started to show their amazing acrobatic skills for the all aviation fan in the base. Even though the weather and strong wind provoked my video, it was really nice experience for me to watch their show lively for the first time.

RAF Red Arrows team

Mr. Forester

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